VS Competition Hotel Becomes a New Favorite

2019/10/2 13:55:41
In recent years, E-sports has gradually become the focus of attention. More and more young people are entering the industry of e-sports. E-sports has been included in the national cultural industry development plan. The industry of E-sports is facing a great opportunity for vigorous development, and the brand-new industry of E-sports hotel has emerged with the tide of the times. From the overall market point of view, the E-sports hotel industry as a whole is better, of which the most dynamic is VS E-sports hotel. With the help of VS E-hotel, we can also get a glimpse of the development trend of E-hotel nowadays.
E-sports hotel is a new hotel operation mode which combines "E-sports" and "hotel". In previous surveys, reporters learned that customers of E-sports hotels usually choose 2-3-person E-sports rooms, and the accommodation time is usually more than two and a half days. In addition, there are some electricians among the customers who have lived for months in preparation for the competition. They say they are very satisfied with the environment and equipment of the hotel.
In the layout of public areas, VS E-Sports Hotel has shared space such as battlefield, leisure area, commodity area and host game area, which is the best place for game enthusiasts to organize group competitions. For electric competition, the network computer room is the top priority. The VS competition hotel uses the third party cloud service processor, which saves the cost of its own equipment and provides remote management and maintenance for the hotel's computers. There are 2-5 choices of rooms in the VS competition hotel. The competition equipment in the room adopts the professional equipment of the player country series, the 2080 graphics card, the Core i7 processor, the professional electric key mouse and the electric competition seat, and the Gigabit network speed can meet the users' needs well.
Reporters happened to meet college students in nearby colleges and universities. They said that VS E-sports hotel can not only play games happily, but also sleep soundly when tired. It is very attractive to them than the high-end configuration in the dormitory and the smoky atmosphere in the Internet cafe, so several people in their dormitory often take advantage of the weekend to relax at the VS competition hotel.
The market prospect of E-sports hotel is quite broad, and the development of VS E-sports hotel is the first one. Comparing with ordinary hotels, tourists visiting VS E-Sports Hotel not only admire the famous residence of foreign tourists, but also have a wide space in the local customer market. Moreover, the residence period of customers is less than three or two days, and more are even calculated on a monthly basis. In addition, the reporter also noted that the VS E-sports hotel has a special area for selling products around the E-sports, which is a considerable additional revenue for the hotel.
Nowadays, the competitive industry has developed quite well, but the related supporting facilities have not kept up with it. Relevant person in charge of VS E-Sports Hotel told reporters that E-Sports Hotel has just risen and has a very broad market prospect, but the current development scale still needs to be expanded. The whole industry market has great investment potential. VS E-Sports Hotel strives to give preferential treatment and support in the area of alliance, hoping that the large industry of E-Sports Hotel will develop better and better.