Rural Residence Towards the Key Period of Quality Development

2019/9/19 10:54:28
While welcoming the double growth of demand and supply, rural residential quarters, as a product of marketization, are also facing many challenges. Meeting the needs of consumers has become the "golden key" to unlock part of the market problems. According to the relevant data, the overall younger booking users of online residential accommodation, more than 80% of the post-80s and post-90s, of which the post-90s account for 59.9% of all visitors. And the general characteristics of these consumers are higher requirements for personalized experience. Indeed, on the Tujia platform, yurts, hanging-feet buildings, caves, wooden houses and other characteristic types of housing sources are more favored by users.
In further research, it was found that the average night time for consumers to stay in rural residential quarters was 2.8 days, and the number of tourists was 2-5, mostly in couples and families. Not only do they prefer high-quality rural residential accommodation, but the demand for parking and other ancillary facilities is also rising. In addition, the rural residential accommodation in cultural and natural heritage sites, popular villages and scenic spots is more popular with consumers.
The demand of young consumers for rural tourism is no longer satisfied with horse-walking and fancy sightseeing, but tends to take residential houses as the core, eat special meals, and experience deep leisure tour mode accompanied by local people. In addition to the higher requirements for the hardware of residential accommodation, consumers also have higher and higher requirements for the service quality of residential accommodation and the design of peripheral experience activities. With the rapid increase of scale, the problems of single and homogeneous function structure of rural residential quarters have also emerged.
Under the Internet thinking, rural residential landlords should not only have core products, but also know how to create an imaginative story to guide experiential marketing through amazing visual impact and carrying a certain life dream.
With the trend of younger and younger rural residential consumer groups, in order to attract them, we can seize their willingness to punch in the red residential network, and get more exposure opportunities by means of new media marketing methods such as recommendation of tourism experts.
The development of rural residential quarters can not be separated from the attention and support of local governments. In recent years, online platforms such as Tujia, Aipiying and Piggy Short Rent have been moving from online to offline, using Internet thinking, and through cooperation with local government departments, they have participated in the deepening development of rural residential quarters.
In the second half of the year, with the rapid development of rural residential economy, local policies and norms will gradually fall to the ground, and the industry will further standardize development. At the same time, the supply and demand of rural residential accommodation continue to rise, more and more residential brands will enter the market, and short-rent residential accommodation platform is also exploring the use of more standardized services to enable landlords to operate, through innovative technology applications to ensure tenants'accommodation. Some practitioners suggest that when the government puts forward unified requirements and standards for the standardized management of rural residential quarters, it should also make unified planning for the whole region, giving full play to the leading role of the government and industry guidance. At the same time, we can introduce various social forces to participate in the construction of rural residential quarters, expand diversified marketing channels, develop diversified experience activities, and promote the healthy and orderly development of rural residential quarters.