How should resort hotels and accommodation go through the trough?

2019/9/15 10:06:43
Summer interns were sent away, and summer temporary workers were not needed because of the sharp drop in rental rates. Holiday hotels and accommodations with parent-child tours as their target customers, the whole summer reception scene was too similar to the replica of Hunan Satellite TV program "Where is Dad". Mothers were busy looking for places and accommodation facilities with themes that could attract children, Dad. Fathers drive hard with their families to make their children relax during the holidays and study for various entertainments.
Because of the centralized demand of such target customers, the rental rate and house price of resort hotels and accommodation have reached or exceeded the ideal expectation during this period. Although many managers have abandoned rest and insisted on reception and service, after hard work, look at their annual budget and overall investment return, 20% rental in off-season. Rate, still feel pressure.
After the break, do we need to think seriously about whether there are any other consumer-friendly target customers besides parent-child tours to fill the off-season of Vacation Hotels and accommodation in order to increase the annual average rental rate? In the industry, both professionals and non-professionals know that whether it is high-value investment projects or simple investment projects, there is a principle of guaranteed rental rate. But at present, at least one third of the rental rates of resort hotels and accommodation can not reach the guaranteed rental level, so they are in a very embarrassing situation. The pressure is from This is born.
From a professional point of view, some of the residential houses with good environment and high quality are no longer residential houses, because they are neither the property of the aborigines themselves nor the "landlady", but the protective buildings of government assets. The old villages and houses of celebrities that are built by the relevant government departments are invested in, so that the agencies operating residential houses can accommodate according to the accommodation. Requirements for interior decoration, operation and maintenance have reached the goal of preserving and increasing the value of state-owned assets.
As far as the residential institutions participating in these properties are concerned, they often invest heavily in decorating according to high-quality standards. Because of the unique features of houses and environment, they have a good response after the market. However, because of their small scale and size, it is difficult to make profits without high rental rate and return on investment. At present, the basic customer group of this kind of high-end "residential" is also the parent-child family customer who joins the resort hotel. It has not been actively exploited for other feasible customer groups, so although small, the annual rental rate is not ideal.
This kind of "mini-vacation" accommodation in famous destinations, beautiful environment and good accommodation conditions, the author believes that it is more appropriate to separate such accommodation from residential accommodation, and the development of products is very important. It can be aimed at the wealthy elderly (doctors, teachers, senior executives aged 55 to 75 years old and retired with high education) who are rich and leisure customers. At present, they spend their money on overseas tourism. They are not interested in domestic leisure farm pleasure, because the accommodation conditions are simple, and they are "small" for the above. "Type holidays" will be of great interest, the destination environment is good, there are tourism resources, good accommodation conditions and heterogeneous, catering also has local characteristics, but the biggest demand of the elderly group is supporting vehicles.
The rise of tourism has gone through the stage of popularization. Customization by small groups is a potential market. As a supporting accommodation Resort Hotel in the tourism sector, product development is the core competitiveness of the target customers. Hotspot parent-child travel is limited by the time period, and the net red wind after 9000 will also go with the wind. The long-neglected "knowledgeable elderly" customers, resort hotels are worth developing appropriate products to meet their "wallets".